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15.9. This time was Elle's turn to shine. We have Agility competitons. We entered both track and here is our results. Maksi-1 Agility result 0,-18,03 placed 1/14 and our first LUVA!! Second was jumping track and there we got 10 mistake points, -9,46. I am so happy my little black girl! :)

In the same time at KCHRR club show Lukova, CZ three of Arttu's offspring in Nyambe kennel entered puppy class. Alena and Jonas did once again amazing job and got VP1. That's not all they also participate best head competion and placed 4th!!  Eva and Amaly Nyambe "Mia" placed also VP3! Irena and Abaya Nyambe "Baya" did also amazing job and got VP1, winning the males and got BIS-puppy title! Congratulations to all!!

15.9.-12kchrr_baya.jpg"Baya" VP1, BIS-puppy!!

Jonas VP1

9.9. Porvoo all breed show Tarujen Uwayo "Arttu" ch EXC1, CQ, BM1, BOB, and finally BIG4!! Ikimba Halifu "Unto jun  EXC2.

8.9 SRB speciality

Ikimba Halifu "Unto" Interm. EXC2
Ikimba Husani "Taisto" open VG3
Tarujen Uwayo "Arttu" ch EXC
Ikimba Hadiya "Diya" jun EXC3, CQ



26.8 CACIB Debrecen, HU Arttu got EXC3

25.8 CACIB Debrecen Hungary Arttu got EXC2

CACIB Mlada Boleslav, CZ Jonas got VP1, BOB-puppy and BIS-Puppy!! Way to Go Alena and Jonas!

19.8. 6-group speciality third and last show day. Unto was first in turn and once again he did excelent work by winning the junior class male and got last and needed JCAC fot the Estonia JCH! Congratulations Tuuli and Timo. Again Ninja and Unto compete the BOBJ-title and Ninja winning that so Unto was BOS! Then it was Arttu's turn in the ring and he did great job and got EXC2 and finally BM2. Unto placed also nicely BM4! Thank you all for the great companyt and we have to definitely do some trip soon again! :)

Today also where shown Arttu's offspring at Heinola all breed show where Taisto got jun EXC1, BM2 and first FI CAC!! Congratulations Marjo and Taisto!!

Second day at Bratislava CACIB show, SK Jonas VP1!

At all breed show Ostrava Amaly Nyambe "Mia" entered show ring and got VP1! Congratulations Eva and Mia!!

18.8. Baltic Winner-12 show at Tallinna. Today was also Arttu's turn to enter the ring. First we started in junior class unfortunately judge did not give any of the dog in the junior class exclent mark. So today not give the junior Baltic winner-titleAfter a while it was me and Arttu's turn enter the ring in champion class. Today was our day and Arttu winning the champion class and after more running the judge placed us first. So Arttu was EXC1, BM1, CACIB and new BalticW-12!! Then we have to wait again and finally we compete the BOB. BOB was today beautiful Lejonessa Scent of Savannah "Semla" from Sweden. 

In the same time in Finland Ikimba Husani "Taisto" entered at Kouvola all breed show and got excellent results jun EXC1, BM4 and res-CAC!!! Congratulations Marjo and Taisto!!

CACIB show Bratislava, SK Addy Jonas Nyambe was got also got excellent results VP1! At the same show also show Alexis Nyambe and she go VP1, BOB-puppy and finally BISS-puppy!! Congratulations all!!

17.8. This time me and Pasi and dogs headed to Estonia to spend longer weekend on dog show with family Kuusisto and Unto. We also got Jasmin, her friend and Ninja from Vastakarva Kennel our companies. Friday was 6 and 7-groups show at Rapla. I desided to not to show Arttu today. So only Ikimba Halifu "Unto" enterd group show in junior class. Unto start our weekend by winning the junior class male and got the second Estonia junior cac  and finally placed second in best male competition.Unto placed BOS-Junior when Ninja our travel mate was BOB!! Congratulations Jasmin and family Kuusisto! Very nice start to our trips. And thanks to Tuuli and Timo for trusting me and let me to handled Unto in the ring! One more junior cac and Unto become a estonia Junior ch! 

12.8. Today Arttu start his bloodtrackin career in very nice style. Only one loss but otherwise very nice tracking and I am so proud of him! His results was Open class II prize points 39!! We got really nice critique by the judge and he really likes how Arttu work on that track.

5.8. Addy Jonas Nyambe "Jonas" entered on Hunting Dog show in Poland and got once again very nice result. VP1, BOBP and finally BIS-puppy! Congratulations Alena and Jonas!! :)

On the same time at Raisio all breed dog show Ikimba Himaya "Maya" entered first time in junior class judge was Liliane De Ridder Onghena (BE) Nicely Maya got only one in Junior class EXC1. This time judge think that she need more develop so no CQ. Congratulations Nina and Maya! 

3.-5.8 Sawo Show at Kuopio. I just entered Arttu on two days and decided to rest sunday. Friday our judge was Marja Talvitie and Arttus result was CH EXC3

Saturday our judge was Nicole Imbimbo, IT Arttu really rocks in the ring CH EXC1, CQ, BM1, CACIB, BOB!!

Sunday our little CZ fellow shine once again in the puppy class at hunting dog show (PL) Jonas (Addy Jonas Nyambe) excellent results VP1, BOBP and finally BIS Puppy!!


29.7. CAC Walbrzych (PL) Jonas enterd puppy class and got again very nice results VP1, BOBP and finally BIGP1!

14.7. CAC (CZ) Arttus son Jonas entered show and got once again very nice result VP1

1.7. Laukaa all breed dog show. We had lovely weekend with Tuuli and Timo and finally sunday both daddy and son entered in the ring. Untos turn was first and he totally charmed the judge. After couple dogs then was Arttus turn to enter the ring and here is both boys very excelent results. Ikimba Halifu "Unto" JUN EXC1, CQ, BM1,CAC and BOB and Tarujen Uwayo "Arttu" CH EXC1, CQ, BM2!! Congratulations to Tuuli and Timo!



24.6. Meanwhile we enjoy midsummer party Jonas entered CAC show in Brno (CZ) and got VP1

17.6. At Kotka International dog show Tarujen Uwayo ch class EXC3, CQ judge Annukka Paloheimo, FIN. Today wasn't our day soon they start RR ring it's start to rain so heavy and Arttu dosen't like rain at all...So you could imagine how he feel and looks. ;))

In the same time Jonas entered cac show in CZ and got VP1,  BOBP, BISP2!!

10.6 CAC Raciborz (PL) once again Jonas got VP1, BOBP!

9.6. If last weekend was Super how I could describe this weekend...Saturday were compete Finnish obedience team championship. Trial was held at Kuopio near in Varkaus. Our local dog association were send two teams to combete obediense. Elle and I took part being one of the competitions in the team. Our team was VarPS 2 team. All of our suprise our associations VarPS ry 2 team won the Finnish Championship!! There where 69 teams and over 370 dogs. Our another team VarPS 1 team placed 22ndNot bad at all. :)) Team including 5 competiors two higher class dog and three lower class dog. The top three results are calculated for the points. Good for our team!! :DD

varps_2-joukkue.1.jpgLaura&Tomu, Me&Elle, Tuija&Santeri, Tiina our team captem, Satu&Piu and Reetta&Jaska

In the same time in SK Arttu's son Jonas entered Nitra CACIB show and got VP1 in puppy class.

2.-3.6. Estonia Winner-12 and Group speciality. Saturday Arttu got EXC3, Ikimba Halifu junior class EXC2. Sunday was our boys day to shine. Tarujen Uwayo Ch EXC1, BM1, BOB and end of the day BIS!! Ikimba Halifu jun EXC1, BOB-junior, BM3 and in the end BIS-JUN. WOW father and son defenitely took everything! Thank you Tuuli and Timo for great company and Congratulations ones more!!


27.5. At Joensuu INT. Show Tarujen Uwayo CH EXC4, CQ. Arttu's son Ikimba Halifu Unto at the same show Jun EXC1, CQ, BOB-junior, Res-CAC!!

13.5. Speciality show KCHRR(CZ) VP1, BIS tiny baby!! Way to go Alena and Jona!

12.5. Club show KCHRR (CZ) Arttu's CZ son Addy Jonas Nyambe"Jonas" VP1, BIS Tiny baby!!


17.3. This Saturday was Elle's turn to shine! We entered obedience trial at Varkaus. Our first trial at open class and it went excellent! Our nice result was 184,5 point  I prize, HP and class winner!! elle.jpg


10.-11.3. Lithuani Winner and Vilinuis Cup-2012. This time we got Arttu's son Taisto (Ikimba Husani) and his owner Marjo to our travel company. Arttu and Taisto haven't got seen so many times so I was little bit nervous how boys coming to get along. I should not worry at all becouse father and son get along very vell. End of the trip they even play to gether. :) I haven't seen Taisto for long time and he has become very nice boy. This was Taisto's first time in official show at junior class. I had honor to handling himTaiso definitely did he best by winning both days BOB-junior, become Lithuanian Junior Winner-12, got 2xJCAC. Only one more jcac to LTJCH tittle. Surely a great start to his shown career!! Arttu did also great job Saturday exc2 and Sunday EXC2, BM2, Res-CACIB. 

ikimba_husani-ltjw-12.jpgIkimba Husani "Taisto" 


5.2. Arttu's CZ litter at Kennel Nyambe is born!!  Darcy got 12 beatiful puppies. 9 girls and 3 boys. All have ridge and so far no faults. Mother and puppies doing fine! :) untitled_1.jpg

1.-7.2. Little road trip to Brno, CZ. We made this trip with Kaisa and her girls Prada and Klara. We took part in two CACIB shows in Brno. Met lots of new people from different coutries. We should have been trevel by the travel agency which cancelled the trip only few weeks before the shows! So we decided with Kaisa to go our own car. We have lots of doing before the trip.Planning the way to Brno and back, book hotels, changing car tires, registrate the dogs to the shows, book ferry and so on...But we did it and got the trip even cheaper than it would have been by travel agency. Driving over 3000 km was worth it!! Thank to goes also the RR people from CZ who helped us with hotels, registrations and etc! Thank you especially Katka & Jitka for all your help!Thanks goes also the RR people from CZ who helped us with hotels, reagistrations etc! Thank you especially Katka & Jitka for you help! Thank you Kaisa for being world best travel partner!! :) More pictures our trip you can find in gallery and here.

4.2. Saturday results breed entry was 138, judges  Lenka Frnčová(male),Otakar Vondrous(female)
Arttu: EXC1, BM1, CAC, CACIB, BOB **NEW CZ CH!!**
Klara: Very Promissing-> BEST BITCH PUPPY in huge class

5.2 Sundays result
Arttu: EXC
Klara: Very Primissing


BOS was Rosso D'Oro Extra-Class

untitled_4.jpgKlara Very promissin1, BEST PUPPY BITCH on Saturday

Arttus moves at champion class



29.1. Jorma is still living wiht us. Nothing news about his owners. Boys get along quite good. Jorma is such a loving person.

21.-22.1. Our year first show on Turku. This time I did trip with Arttus son Ikimba Halifu "Unto and his owners Tuuli and Timo. We were planning to meet on Saturday day Nina and hers rr girls and couple other dog owner on the forest walk at Raisio. So I started trip very early in the mornig I picked up Tuuli, Timo and Unto at Jyväskylä on my way to Raisio and Turku. We have lovely walked with the dogs. After walk we went to eat and then we been planned to meet Nina and the girls little bit later on the evening. Becouse Nina is the dog fysiotherapist we had possibility to access to "stew" or dog have. :) We have lovely evening wiht the dogs, lots of talking, laugh and little bit tranining with Myay (Arttus dother) on stacking.

Sunday morning we headed on the show ground. It was Untos first and last time at official puppy class. It was again plesure to handler Unto in the ring. Puppy male were 3 and we have so much funn together in the ring. Unto placed 1st. wiht HP. Littlebit waiting and then it was time to compete the BOB puppy and Unto took it! So Ikimba Halifus super great result was 1st, HP and BOB-puppy!! Congratulations for the owners Tuuli and Timo!! Finally it was also Arttus turn to entered in the ring. Todays result was EXC. Arttu was too much everything for the judge. ;D  It was really hilarus weekend! Thank you Tuuli, Timo and Nina for that! :)

arttupata.jpgArttu on the "stew"

Unto on the "stew"



12.1. I got really bad news early this week. One of the Arttus son owner were hospitalized for treatment of and they need place who can take care of "Jorma" Soon as I was spoken with Pasi we decided to take Jorma in our house for a while. Today we were to pick him up. Arttu wasn't so happy about this young guy..I hope everything will be settle down with time. 

6.1  Year first obediennce trial with Elle at Pieksämäki. Elle did great job and very good stance. Unfortunately one movement went to 0 points and I totally forgot to say douple command but hey, that's life. Still we got excellent result 169 points and I prize and tittle TK 1!! Placin as 5th to 18 participants. Now it's have to move Open class. ;) I am so happy about this "little black" girl!! :) 


3.1. I got great news from CZ.  Kennel Nyambes A-litter is on it's way. Darcy is pergnant!!