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IMG_1088.JPGKaja gave birth 12.11. 13th beautiful puppies. 7 girls (one ridgeless) and 6 boys all have ridge. Some of them have white on the chest and little bit on the toes. No kink tails or ds so far.

Some of the puppies are still looking for the right owners. If you are interesting hear more about this combinations don't hesitate to contact hannavesterinen1@gmail.com/ 0407359292 


On Monday we visited at the vet took the last herpes vaccinations and at the same time we desided to take x-ray. At the day 51 we expected huge litter. Lets keep fingers gross for easy delivery. 


We are thrilled to share that Kaja (Batwa Gamora M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana) is heavily whelp. The sire is handsome Arttu (Tarujen Uwayo).  

Iloisina jaamme tiedon, että Kaja (Batwa Gamora M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana) on vahvasti tiineenä. Uroksena on komea Arttu (Tarujen Uwayo)


We expecting puppies will born middle of November and are ready to move their new homes beginning January. 

Odotamme pentuja syntyväksi isänpäivän tietämillä ja pennut ovat luovutuksessa Tammikuun alussa. 

More info from litter found here
Inquiries are welcome at hannavesterinen1@gmail.com

Lisää infoa pentueesta löytyy täältä
Kyselyt ovat tervetulleita hannavesterinen1@gmail.com