Price winner at80th Anniversary Jubilee Show
Canditate for SK and HU champion
Cruft Qualification-19
Cruft Qualification-20

Born: 3.2.2017
10 puppies: 6 boys and 4 girls.9 standard puppies and 1 pet puppy (kinked tail)

Heigh: 62cm

Weight: 38 kg

Color: Red wheaten

JME: carrier

DM N/N (by parentage)

D-locus D/D (by parantage)

Missing 2x P3,scissor bite

Dam: Red Hot Line Fani Tega For Ele Tori (Glenaholm Taariq X Podarok Iz Afriki Barra Joy)

Sire: Makao Line Wild Wind ( MakoaLine Atuin Art X Aresvuma Remba Alexsandra)

Breeder:Elena Babiyo, kennel Ele Tori (Russia)

Owner: Hanna Vesterinen

Tara is born in kennel Ele Tori in RU. There was alltogether 10 puppies.6 boys and 4 girls. 9 puppies were stannardand onekinked tail. No DS or other faults.All them allliving happy and healthy life in their family.The J-litter where Tara was born was repeat mating.

Tara has been all her life healthy. She hasnot suffered from physical problems neither skin or stomach problems. She eats everything and has good appetite!

Tara is very elegan and she is mediumstrong and correct size. She is beautifully built bitch who has long neck, beautiful head and expression with dark eyes. She has really nice red wheaten colourand perfect paws. She had very easy going movent wiht good reach and drive. Taras biggest sucseed happend autumn 2019 when she won BIS-19 SSKY( FinnishSociety of Companion Dogs ry)speciality over 800 dogs, 70 different breed. This was the last time when this show would been seen ridgebacks.

Tara is very friendly but sometimes little bit reserved with thestrangersbut when she get to know you she want's to clime
on your lap.Tara is coming along with the strangers femaleand it's very easy to travel with her. Tara loves to eat so she
is very easy to motivated todo obedience. Tara ishaving someobedience and blood tracking trainings everynow and then.
She loves to runand she is allways on happy mood.She behaved very wellwith my daughter but she alsohad the guarding instinct.

Tara lives with 3 canin siblings, one older labradolretriever female, one younger female ridgeback and one older male ridgebac. We have great harmony between the dogs. In home Tara want's to be there where happens things is it when the children are playing or we are watching tv she want to be near with you. She likes to cuddle and give lots of kisses.