Mixed breed Jeppe
* 15.12.1998-28.11.2011*

owner: Hanna Vesterinen

Jeppe was borned to my parents by accident in year 1998. Somehow he become to my dog. When Jeppe was younger He was full of life and speed and sometimes I was tought that he was grazy. He was running all around house and barked under the bed. At that time I tought I loose my mind for that dog. Hi is my first dog and as you can imagine I made lots of mistakes. Luckily he growed and his temperament calmed down. When Jeppe was puppy he doesn't destroy mutch only one expensive carpet got eating.

Jeppe's character was very soft and he scared of loud voices. He has lots of hunting quality but he has one bad lack he doesn't bark. Jeppe loved to run free and one of his favorit thing was chacing the rabbit track in the forest. Jeppe get along with most of the other dogs and he loved all the puppies and small dogs. He was allways happy and ready to going out whether it's raining, snowing or sun shining. Jeppe liked people a lots and he was allways ready to give a kiss who needs it. Jeppe has teached me many things about dogs and their behaviour. In year 2010 we found lumps in his leg and it was operated. Results on that lump was malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MHF). Fihting agaist that lump ended 28.11.2011 when we decided that is time to let Jeppe go and meet our old friends in the rainbow bridge. you always stay at our hearts and always you be the first dog in my life. We will be missed you so much.