Tarujen Uwayo " Arttu"

BISS-10/BOB SRRS Speciality 2010RUBIS/BOS Ňrsta Slott 2011 SRRS speciality†

Belarus Winner-2011
Baltic Winner-2012
Lithuanian Winner-2013†
Tallinn Winner-13†
Estonia Winner-13
Lithuanian Winner-2016
Estonia Veteran Winner-16
Lithuanian Veteran†Winner-17
Tallinn Veteran Winner-17
Latvian club Veteran Winner-17/BOS
Ob title1†

arttu1.jpgD.O.B: 9.5.2008
Sire: BISS, RUBISS Aus Ch Lionbane Hes the Boss
Dam: Fin Ch Tarujen Osei
Pedigree: (clik her)
Hibs: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
LTV: Clear ( unofficial pronaunced by Anu Lappalainen july 2021)
SP: Clear (unofficial pronaunced by Anu Lappalainen July 2021)
weight: 52kg
Height: about 72 cm
Teeth: Correck sissor bite, all teeth (inspected by vet)
Color: Red wheaten
Breeder: Anne Sassi-Kaitala Kennel Tarujen
Owner: Hanna Vesterinen & Pasi Pietikšinen

Mentaly Test +160 p. and gun shot proof
Finnish MT (official
Swedish MT (unofficial


Kenne Faira
Kenne Riziki
Kennel Nyambe
Kennel Ikimba†

Arttu moved to our lives end of June 2008, Kennel Tarujen and bred by Anne Sassi-Kaitala. Arttu born in a litter of 12, ten males and two girls (3 of males are ridgeless and one has kinked tail, the rest is correct.)

Couple years we been thinking and discussing to get a new family member. I was looking many kennels and upcoming litters. Over and over again I coming back to Tarujen website. I have seen many of this kennels dogs in the shows and they allways† have made me great impressions. End of year 2007 I notice that Dana is going to use again I start to wait the sire of the litter. Finally it puplish and I totally feltt in love Kimba. He is very handsome male. At one I contact to Anne and we were ready to make a reservations. So it's start our waiting for the puppy in this combinations.

Arttu's name Uwayo is Swahili and means "pawprint". You can imagine a little puppy wiht a huge paws and lots of love to give everybody who he meets. At least he is allready left his pawprints our hearts and minds.

Arttu was very brave, forward and playfull dog. His caracter was very charming and† curious. He's favorite blace was being close to me and our family. He mets everyone with a waggin tail and there wasn't nothing what upsets or frightens he. One thing there was what he hated and that was the rain. He was our pack leader, my soulmate and my rock.†

At the age 9 years and 4 month we have to say good by this handsome fellow due to prostate cancer. In the last day he stood strong and keep the pack in order. He gave me everything and more than I never could dream for. Most memorable time was when we winn the Swedish speciality and what the judge wrote about him:

" I liked all my winners in each class and was enamored with the CC dog who possessed Ridgeback type; yes he stood tall but gave me a pictures of balance, strenght, power and attitude. In the end,† my CC dog was Best of Breed. He never let down and looked and acted like he could go for ever - a good one to have at your side. His confidence commanded me to look at him. He knew who he was - there was no other. "†Barbara Rupert (kennel Oakhurst).†

† † † † † † † † ††


Arttu's nice moves 4,5 month old,† pictures taken by Anne Kupiainen