Upcoming litter- Tulevat pentueet

Pentue syksylle/talvelle 2021
Tulevan pentueen emä on Batwa Gamora M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana

Jos olet kiinnostunut kuulemaan lisää pentueesta, otathan yhteyttä sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse
Hanna Vesterinen (+358) 40 735 9292/ hannavesterinen1@gmail.com/mileleuwayos@gmail.com

We are havin a litter for autumn/winter 2021. 
Litter damm will be Batwa Gamora M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana

If you want to more informations about upcoming litter don't hesitate to contact by email or call. 

Are you interested in bying a puppy from Milele Uwayo's

For me as a breeder is important to stay close contact with the puppy owners. Follow my puppies growing up and how their developped. I want to hear the news and be able to help what matter happend. I'm looking for onwners who are willing to do extended healt test this means xrayed the hips, elbows, shoulders and spine at age 24-36 months old.  

I hope the puppy owners are interesed in having an active life with their dog, wether is is with obedience, agility, tracking, showing or other kind of activities or jus being part in daily life. First two years could be difficult with the ridgeback but if you are willing to do  mental stimulations and enough physical excircise you propably get a bit easier and laid back ridgeback in your life. Most importand socialications time is between the 8-12 months so it's very important to introduce your puppy new places, new people and different platforms. 

You don't allways need to go to dog school to doing obedience training, you can do bacid obedience in home and you will get some basic training ideas with the pyppy pack. I still recomended to join some puppy class for good socialisations and for get some tips for the future to working with your puppy. It's allways possible to come training with me and my dogs. I have knowledge basic obedience, I have organiced many puppy class past years, cuided agility training and handling many years my own and my friends dogs. 

Most importand thing is that the puppies will be loved and they are full members of your family. 

This is what you get when you buy a puppy from us:
- Registrations papers and pedigree from FKK
- Health certificate done at 6 weeks old
- A puppy that has been dewormed and has a ID-chip
- Members in SRB the first year 
- Food for the first week at your home and a puppy pack with with accessories. 
- Information and tips on how to take best care of your new familymember
- Lifelong support from me

If you are interested in a puppy from my kennel feel free to contact me for more information! 

Hanna: 040 735 9292 or hannavesterinen1@gmail.com