We expecting puppies will be born middle of November and are ready to move their new homes beginning January. 
Odotamme pentuja syntyvän isänpäivän tietämillä ja pennut ovat luovutuksessa tammikuun alussa. 

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DOB: 17
Height: 64cm
weight 38 kg
ED: 0/0
OCD: clear

SP: 0
VA: 1 (mild), numbers of anomalies 1. 
Teeth: Full set of theeth, scissors bite
JME: Clear by parents
DM: Clear by parents
Dilution: Clear by parents


Breeder: Tereza Rajdlove, CZ
Owner: Hanna Vesterinen


DOB: 9.5.2008
Height: 72cm
Weight: 52 kg
ED: 0/0
Theeth: Full set of theeth, scissors bite
JME: carrier
EAOD: Clear


BISS-10/BOB SRRS Speciality 2010
RUBIS/BOS Årsta Slott 2011 SRRS speciality
Belarus Winner-2011 
Baltic Winner-2012
Lithuanian Winner-2013 
Tallinn Winner-13 
Estonia Winner-13
Lithuanian Winner-2016
Estonia Veteran Winner-16
Lithuanian Veteran Winner-17
Tallinn Veteran Winner-17

Latvian club Veteran Winner-17/BOS
Ob title1 

Breeder: Anne Sassi-Kaitala, FI
Owner: Hanna Vesterinen & Pasi Pietikäinen

More detailed Litter-Pedigree

Tarujen Uwayo

Lionsbane Hes The Bos

Tarujen Osei

Zimbaloo Orions Bow

USakose Thunder Nlitting

Camelot's Technical Knockout

Tarujen Jamila

Batwa Gamora
M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana

Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For

Fumi Skye Manwë

Mwenga Hasani for Jangachenga
Kani Akilah Aketi Azuma
Artaban Cieply Dom
Badawi Manwë


Batwa Gamora M'Uwayo Gaudiwa Musana - aka Kaja. I was looking some interesting pedigrees at that time when Kaja was born and one 
day I saw video on Facebook about Kaja when she was training with her breeder Tereza. Some how this little cutepie was looking home so I didn't hesitate for second to contact Tereza and ask about more this little fellow. 

Kaja has born in very nice balanced litter of 10 puppies, 5 males and 5 females unfortunately one smallest boy died. No DS, minimum white, there was 2 kinked tail and 1 overshot.
image_6483441_1.JPGKaja is very playfull,energetic, sweet and full of temperament. She had some hunting instict. Kaja is very quick to learn but she also gets bored very fast. So when we are tra
ining I mustremember to keep the training time short and avoid to make too many repeats. Kaja has entered some shows and she got 1 CAC to Finnish champions. Kaja loves to play and runn with my other ridgeback and she is allways to ready to go to walk no mather the weather is. 

Parents and Grandparents

48223114_10155753639330951_8630224258569601024_n.jpgKajas mum Fumi Skye Manwë "Skye" is born in litter of 8 puppies, 2 girls and 6 boys. 6 puppies was standard, 1 extra crowns and 1 puppy with overshot. Skye is veryplayful, energetic, naughty, loves to cuddle and when requist she is very protectiveover herfamily. Skye loves kids and she is very cereful around them. Skye has achieve several titles. She has passedone hunting exam. 

HD:A/A, ED: 0/0,



48247941_10155753626585951_5772850097851203584_n.jpgKajas father comes from Dutch-English mating and called Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga -Ukkie. Ukkie is born in litter of 10 healthy puppies. There was one non-standard female with offset crowns. Ukkie is very calm and matured male that loves people and lives with his owner and dog family in Scotland. Kennel Kani Akilah has a great databese of all health results of their dogs, including the progency from the litters.

HD:A/A, ED0/0,

badawi01.jpgKajas grandmother from mother side is Badawi Manwë from Australian and Coratian combination. Badawi is very energetic and interaktive female. She is very succesful show dog and great mother to her children from the first breath -  troughout their whole lives. Badawi is now 10 years old and for her age in good shape. 

HD:A/A, ED:0/0

12510384_10205068120533102_7033572639365939706_n.jpgGrandfather from mother side is Artaban Cieply Dome is very succesful not only show ring but also in dog sport. Artaban hascompeting very successful in many working exams. Kajas granddad is from Norway-Canadien combinations. Artaban is import from Poland to Czech. Artaban is very dedicated to his owner and want's to be her side all the time. 

HD:A/A, ED:0/0

Kajas grandmother from father side is beautiful Kani Akilah Aketi Azuma. Azuma comes from from first litter of Kani Akilah kennel. Azuma achieve numerous titles in her show career. Azuma has calm personality but she was very active withing her pack. Azuma lived at age of 12 years old. 

HD:A/A, ED:0/0,

1517933_10203295788866187_1800902854_n.jpgGandfather from father side is an English dog Mwenga Hasani for Jengachenga called Sani. Sani was very successful show male and has achieve several titles during his show career. Sani is soulmate to her  owner Kate and they had very special pond between.

HD:A/A, ED:0/0

Tarujen Uwayo - aka Arttu was my soulmate, my rock and my shadow. A dog who hasn't ever be on bad mood. As a young puppy he was a clown, he loved to cuddle and definetely hates the rain. If he could he would rather stay in side than go out where was raining.  First couple years Arttu lived with two other males on his pack. We didn't ever have fight between the dogs. 

Arttu was born in kennel Tarujen and comes from a litter of 12, ten males and two girls, 3 of males are ridgeless and one has kinked tail and the rest of the puppies were correct. No DS and minimum white. 

Arttu was very succsessfull show dog and together we manage to get many champion titles as well as winner titles. He never stressed new places and immediately he went to new places he was like he come to home. We training andimage_6483441.JPGcompeting some of the dog sport and achieve some nicce results. One of the most memorable time was when we wonn the Svedish Ridgeback specialities over 200 beautfull ridgeback. Most important thing was to me that we both having funn when we enterd in the show ring. 

Arttu was a dog who had a good nerves, he was very stable mind dog. He never started any fight and his present was enough to move the mountains. I never saw him on bad mood, he was allways on happy. He was dog who stood tall, never give up and who was good to have your side. 

Parents and Grandparents


Arttus mother was very beautiful Tarujen Osei called Dana. Born from litter of 8 puppies. 5 females and 3 males. 2 ridgeless puppies and one sigle crowns puppies. No DS and minimum white. One of my all time favorit Ridgeback was Danas litter brother Rene. Who I saw many times in show ring and who moves like a dream. I have allways admire Annes breeding and dogs who has been the best movement I have ever seen. Dana lived over 14 years.  

HD: A/A, ED 0/0


Arttus handsome father was2987537-970905.jpgLionsbane Hes the Boss called Kimba. Kimba was also very successful show dog but most of all he was very loyal family member. Kimba was one of the handsome males. Kimba had very stable and friendly carachter as well as he had conformation and movement. Kimba lived at age of 13 years. 

HD: Clear(Australian grade 1:5 total 6)
ED: Clear 0/0 (by SKK 2007)


Grandmother from mother side was lovely Tarujen Jamila called Numa. Numa was born from first litter of Kennel Tarujen. 9 puppies was born, 3 males and 6 females. 3 ridgeless, 1 single crown, no DS or kinks. Numa was one of the beautiful females who I loved by the years. Numa lived over 12 years old. 

HD: A/A, ED:0/0


Arttus grandfather from mothers side is from USA from kennel Camelot's called Camelot's Technical Knokout "Bruiser".  Bruiser was born in the n 1990 in the very first Camelot litter. He was very succsesful show dog and spent 18 month in Africa, earning SA and ZIM champion titles. Bruiser lived at age 11 years old.

Arttus grandfather and grandmother from fathers side was a Lionbane kennels foundations dog who produced two quality litters under the Lionsbane prefix in the early 2000's from foundation stud RUBISS Aust Ch Zimbalooba Orion's Bow and dam Aust Ch Usakose Thunder n'Litning.

This compination is mixed Dutch, GB, USA, AUS, CAN and SAF bloodines. In this pedigree your find many famous and successful show dogs from the past years. In this combinations Information according to 8 generations pedigree has 136 relatives known of 510 (27%). Pedigree has 129 different dogs of 136 (ancestry loss coefficient 0,95) and this combinations inbreeding is 0,00%

In this litter I expected to get moderate or bigger size ridgeback with nice movements and pleasant temperaments. Both parents have nice head and I hope Arttu will give this litter little bit more volume in head. Both parents have nice long bodies, excelent angulations and nice deep and long chest. I hope I will get some excelent groundcovering movements. Both parents have nice plesant expression. Some puppies could be without the mask and I hope some puppies will have black mask. I wish I could get some nive working ridgeback even ridgeback isn't be the real working dog. I hope puppies will have some hunting instict. Most of all I hope that all puppies will be part of loving familymember.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to kontact. I'm happy to tell you more about this combinations. 

More informations and inquiries: Hanna Vesterinen

+35840 735 9292