Dam of the litter - Tara


Date of birth: 3.2.2017
Height: 62cm
weight 38 kg
SP: 0
VA: 0
Teeth: Missing 2xP3, scissor bite
DM: Clear by parents
Dilution: Clear by parents

Breeder: Elena Babiy
Owner: Hanna Vesterinen

Tara is born in kennel Ele Tori in Russia. There was alltogether 10 puppies. 6 boys and 4 girls. 9 puppies were stannard and one kinked tail. No DS or other faults.  All them all living happy and healthy life in their family. The J-litter where Tara born was repeat mating.

Tara is very elegant, beautifully built bitch who has noble neck, beautiful colour and perfect paws.  She is medium strong and correct size.  She had amazing very easy going movement. Tara is very friendly but sometimes little bit reserved with the  strangers but when she get toknow you she want's to clime on your lap. Tara is coming along with the strangers female and it's very easy to travel with her. Tara loves to eat so she´s very easy to motivated for working. Tara is having some obedience and blood tracking trainings every now and then. She loves to run and she is allways on happy mood. She behaves very well with my daughter but she also had the guarding instinct.  She lives together with my 3 other dogs, one older female, one younger female and our male. They coming very well along and living in harmony together. 

32337212_10156265781224259_2290495334423461888_o.jpgTaras dam is Fani Tega for Ele Tori "FANI" and she is breed in Russia kennel Ele Tori. Fani is is a bright color, elegant,very energetic and cheerful female with strong topline, deep and full chest, excellent balanced movement, strong nerve system and friendly character. Beautiful expression and dark round eyes. Fani is now 7 years old. 

Taras grandgrandmother is one of my alltime favorit female Podarok iz Afriki Barra Joy. I have fallow her for many years and somepoint I was looking puppy for her so now she is Taras bedigree and I'm so happy to have piece of her in my first litter.  Barra is bright, charismatic, energetic, very successful female. Who born from a combination of South African blood lines and carries blood one of the most famous and oldest kennels "Glenaholm".

Taras grandgrandfather is imported from world famous kennels "Glenaholm" (South Africa-Canada), living in the Czech Republic Glenaholm Taariq. Taariq is one of the great representatives of the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback, has excellent temperament, strong nerve system, breed head, strong topline, elegant and balanced movements, intense bright red colour. Born from a combination of South African and Australian blood lines.

Taras sire is Makao Line Wild Wind " VANYA" who I have pleasure meet in 2014 in Finland WDS. He had great temperament and sometimes he works in a center for children with disabilities, with the problem of dtsp and autism. He is in excellent health and has participated in a lot of shows before. Vanya is a very strong male with an excellent anatomy, bright color, smooth topline, good croup, thigh wide, deep and full chest, strong nerve system and friendly character. Vanyas sire is very beautiful and succeeded male Makao Line Atuin Art from Russian kennel Makao Line. Atuin has won many titles mention some of  them World winner-18, European Winner-15 and Junior winner-12. He has many champion offspring all over  the world. Vanyas mother is Russian champion Aresvuma Remba Aleksandra. 

Fani Tega for Ele Tori                                            Makao Line Wild Wind
28058803_10156039031759259_3807899950791593346_n.jpg 22549821_10155715974924259_7706038944466890091_n.jpg

Glenaholm Taariq                                  Podarok Iz Afriki Barra Joy         Makao Line Atuin Art  Aresvuma Remba Aleksandra
©Valerie Chernova

1428240194.png barra.jpg



Sire of the litter - Elmo

Date of birth: 6.7.2013                    
Height: 68 cm
weight: 48 kg
ED: 0/0
LTV: 0 (L7)
SA: 0
VA: 0
Teeth: Full dention, scissor bite
JME: N/N (Clear)
Breeder: Anne Sassi-Kaitala 
Owner: Anne Sassi-Kaitala

I start to looking male for Tara about a year ago. My goal was find her male who complement her temperament as well as her strukture. I have allways admire Anne's breeding work and like a lot her dogs. All have been very nice in temperament and there have been excelent mover. For me the movent is one of the important thing along with health. First I was looking male for abroad but then I just come again and again back to Anne's breeding males. And finally I start to look Elmo as a possible sire to Taras first litter. I'm very thankfull Anne who let me use her gourgerous boy for my breeding. 

Elmo is born in Kennel Tarujen in Finland. There was all together 11 puppies, 2 puppies have kinked tail. Elmo lives with 3 canin siblings, one older male ridgeback, one older mixed breed female and his litter sister with good harmony. 

28806458884_ff2fcdb641_o.jpgElmo is now 6 yeard old handsome male. He has been healthy all his live. He has very strong head with nice proportion and dark eyes. Nice topline. Long and deep ribbing. Good angulations and nice tight feet.He had groundcovering movement. Elmo is very easy going male who loves to give a kiss. Elmo like to travel and they have been travelled quite a lot with his owner Anne. Elmo has a great potenttial for obedience and other dog sport.

Elmos Dam is Tina Trading Charena  was mediums size female who was been one of the amazing movement what I ever have been seen. Charena was born in Kennel Tina Trading in Russia . All Charenas Litter mates were been very succeeded in the show ring. This is how Charenas Owner Elena form Ave Ceacar Kennel describe Charena. " She was  very obedient and linstend to Human but owns her own will. If you can say She was definiely the queen of the house. Her best quality was that she never gives up." Charena was hunting training; qualifield of Lure Coursing competitions and become very successful in the show ring. She haven't been shown so often but has manage to got 7 championstitle. 7 championtitle. Charenas father Mascius was Imported from USA and mother Tina Trading Sharlis was beautiful liver nose bitch breeded in Russia lives in Belarus. 

This is how Anne from Kennel Tarujen describes Charena. "She was definitely one of the most beautiful bitch I have ever seen. She was very reasonable bitch who settle easily to new family. She took her own pot in the pack and was the leader bitch. She was like human tought, very obedient and trusting to human. She was bitch that I wanted to own."

Elmos sire Tarujen Mabaru "Maru" is one of the most succeded ridgeback in Finland. Maru was breed by kennel Tarujen and he was medium size male who had pleasant expression, nice strong topline, excelent head and nice dark eyes. He has excelent movements. Marus character was energetically, happy, snoopy and brace. He was active but kind in every way. Maru was very activity live and they competed with her owner in working dogs sports. I could say that Maru was one and only ridgeback who who succeed on working dog trial in Finland. 

Marus dam Tarujen Jamila " Numa" were very close to my heart becouse I have own her grandgrand son Tarujen Uwayos.  Numa was medium size, bright color and very nice temperament female. Who has left many beutiful champion dogs in Kennel Tarujen  Marus sire was Rijstone Ward Lord  "Aries" very succeeded show dog breed from Australia one of the oldest kennel Rjistone lives in kennel Amashutu. He has left behind many champion offspring all over the world. Aries was dark read wheaten. He had dark brown eyes and he was very laid-back temperament male. He had very nice effortless movement. 

Tina Trading Charena                                                                    Tarujen Mabaru
charena_5.jpg marustand_3.jpg

Tina Trading Sharlis                                       Mascius                                              Tarujen Jamila                      Rjistone War Lord


609.jpg numa25v.jpg Aries20months.jpg

I have plesure to see Elmo in the show ring as well I meet him at his home and he was just what I was looking for my girl. His temperament is very stable but open to strangers. He comes along very well with small children and he just want to be there where everybody else are just right in the middle of the play. 

In this litter I hope to get some nice RR with nice movement, moderate exterior and pleasant temperament. I think Tara and Elmo complement each other very well in temperament as well in exterior. They both likes to work with human. Both have very nice head with plesant expression. Nice long bodies, excelent angulations and nice long chest. Both have also excelent groundcovering free movements. 

The COI in 4 generations is 0% and 1,03% in 8 generations. Behind this litter are many very successful show dogs from Australia, Russia, Ukraina and Finland.  Combinations blood line is mixed old Australian, South African and Russian lines. 

Here You can find the pedigree of upcoming litter .

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to kontact.

More informations and inquiries: Hanna Vesterinen
+35840 735 9292