Sangoma Sefu "Nemo"


nemo082.jpgFinnish Champion
Estonia Champion
Russian Champion

Date of birth:10.5.2004
Sire: C.I.B NL CH BE CH N'Gai Zamu of Gimas Hero
Dam: Harjaselän Ijumaa Imani
Pedigree: (clik here)
44 kg
Height: 66 cm
Teeth: Correck sissor bite, all teeth (inspected by vet)
Color: Wheaten
Breeder: Edyta Ossowska, Poland Kennel Sangoma
Owner: Hanna Vesterinen 



Nemo joined our gang in July 2004. One summer weekend we drove to Karjaa kennel Harjaselän to pick up our new family member. Sanna (kennel Harjaselän) import two litle guys from Poland here. Nemo was bred by Edyta & Wojciech Ossowski, kennel Sangoma. It was their fisrt litter.

As a puppy Nemo was very brave and very active but likewise he was very calm. Everywhere I went Nemo followed me. Even then he wasn't afraid big adult male not even my sister two Great Dane. Six month old he started decoration our stuffs. The shoes, belts and table got nice new look. All that stopped after we moved our own house (we were living with my parents for that time).

Nemo was very independent and seflconfident. He doesn't care much other dogs or people if they was not come to our yard. Nemo was always prepared for guarding the family. He was very loyal and clearya one-man-dog. His character made him very challenging to train. It seems like he allways thooth from all possible and impossible way how to act. My friend says that Nemo is slightly "stout" dog. Nemo was a wonderful "family" dog. He's was very easy to live with. You could took him anywhere and he didn't care, he got's very well along with children. Nemo loved long walks on the woods and layed on the sofa. almost all the time he was ready to went out except 5 am. He is was sleepy in the morning.


Nemo was one and only dog who teach me to understand to more about dogs and read them small signals. Without him I could not learn so much about these. He had his onw faults but he had so much in good qualities. We all miss him so much and our hearts is always place for him.


farewell my precious untill we meet again in the rainbowbridge. 






















12.6.2008 Pieksämäki, judge: Marko Puranen

Sit for examination / luoksepäästävyys                                  10

Long down / Paikalla makaaminen                                         0(x3)...nousi ylös ja lompssutti luokse

Heel on leash / Seuraaminen Kytkettynä                                7(x2) jaa =)

Heel free / Seuraaminen vapaana                                          5(x4)...haahuili ja jäi ihmettelemään

Down during heel off leash / Maahanmeno                              0(x2)...ei suostunut menenään

Recall / Luoksetulo                                                               9,5(x3)...hieman vino loppu asento

Stand during heel off leash / Seisomaan jääminen                   0(x2)...köpsytteli perästä tulemaan

Jump and stand/ Vapaahyppy                                                7,5(x2)...ei suostunut istumaan lopun perusasentoon

General impression / Kokonaisvaikutus                                   8...omistajan huumorintaju pelasti tilanteen ;)                                                                                          
                                                                                           95,5 Points, no results


Varkaus 9.9.2007 Varkaus, judge: Minna Vilpponen

Sit for examination / luoksepäästävyys                                  10

Long down / Paikalla makaaminen                                         0(x3)

Heel on leash / Seuraaminen Kytkettynä                                7(x2)

Heel free / Seuraaminen vapaana                                         8(x4)

Down during heel off leash / Maahanmeno                             7(x2)

Recall / Luoksetulo                                                               9(x3)

Stand during heel off leash / Seisomaan jääminen                  8,5(x2)

Jump and stand/ Vapaahyppy                                               10(x2)

General impression / Kokonaisvaikutus                                  8
                                                                                          142 Points, 2nd prize