We are waiting puppies to born middle of October and will be ready to move their new homes begining of December.
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Born: 3.2.2017

Heigh: 62cm

Weight: 38 kg


ED: 0/0


SP: 0

VA: 0

Color: red-wheaten

JME: N/n Carrier

DM N/N (by parentage)

D-locus D/D (by parantage)

24h Holter: clear


missing 2x P3, scissor bite

Mom: Red Hot Line Fani Tega Ele Torille (Glenaholm Taariq X Podarok Iz Afriki Barra Joy)

Dad: Makao Line Villi tuuli (Makoa Line Atuin Art X Aresvuma Remba Alexsandra)

breeder: Elena Babiyo, kennel Ele Tori (Venäjä)

Born: 1.9.2017

Heigh: 68/69cm

Weight: 50 kg


ED: 0/0

Color: red-Wheaten


Ridge: R/r

MH: N/N Clear

DM: N/N Clear

D-locus, d1: D/D Clear

HemB: clear

EOAD: Clear

BPH tested, gun shot proof

full seth of theeth, scissor bite

Mom: Juliagårdens Amarula Cream (Hyawani Sekayib Furufuru x Juliagårdens Julia Of Shakespear)

Dad: That Se on obivious Absolut Siunattu ( Hazinas 5th Abuya x Djungelkattens K-Nineridged Karisma )

breeder: Jenny Rylander, Kennel Juliagårdens (Sweden)
Owner: Denniz Jönsson


Juliagårdens X Marks The Spot

That's Obvious Absolut Blessed

Juliagårdens Amarulla-Cream

Hazinas 5. Abyua

Djungelkattens K-Nineridged Karisma

Hawayani Sekeyub Furufuru

Juliagårdens Julia of Shakespere

Ele Tori Jahara Nadhari

Makao Line Wild Wind

Red Hot Line Fani Fani Tega for Ele Tori

Makao Line Atuin Art

Aresvuma Remba Aleksandra

Glenaholm Taariq

Podarok Iz Afriki Barra Joy


Ele Tori Jahra Nadhari aka Tara.

tara is our little pocket raket. Sometimes we called her as Kenguruu becouse she can jump so high:Tara is very elegant midlle size female. She is middle strong very balanced build female. She had smooth topline, nice long neck, Excelent head and expression, Dark eyes, nice red-wheaten color, nice tight paws and very easy movent wich cover the cround. She had accomplish the titles  FI-, LT-, SE-, NO-champion and she had full CACIB to C.I.B.-title. 

Tara has born litter of 10 puppies: 6 boys and 4 girls. 9 standard puppies one puppy with kinked tail. No other faults. 

Tara has been health all her life. She eats everything what comes on her way. He has been easy to motivated to work with me and once in while we have practising obediense and bloodtracking.He loves to run and has allways on happy mood. She loves to be part of normal everyday life and she loves to watch when kids are playing. She loves to come cuddle. But she is little bit reserved to the strangers but if she can take her own time she love to kiss you. She is definetely one of the loudles dog that we ever have. She like to talk a lot.




Taras mom  Fani is beautiful girl from Red Hot Line Fani Tega For Ele Tori.
Fani is middle size female with biright color, elegant very energetic and cheerful. She had
strong topline, deep and full chest, excellen balanced movementFani is junior champion of Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Azerbaijan and also champion of Russia. 
Fani has two litter with same male (Makao Line Wild Wind.)


Taras dad is Georgious male Makoa Line Wild Wind aka Vanya.
Vanya is very strong male with excellent anatomic. He had bright color,
smooth topline, nice long body with deep and full chest. 

Vanya is internationalchamppion and champion of RU, HU, LT, BY, SL




Juliagårdens X Marks The Spo aka Wilmer. This is how the owners descripe the Wilmer. he is cheerful guy with a heart of gold. He is forward, curious, fearless and never hesitate in the face of comething new. Often regarded as a real gentlema who treatrs the ladies with respect. He is enjoying work and is easily taught, gets bored when things get too easy and is not very fond of getting wet. When he work, he has lot of energy that are the best managed throught special searches and bloodtracking. 

Wilmer is top of size very strong but elegant male. He had nice expression, long neck. excelent topline as underline. He had good angulations on rear and normal in front.He had good movements. 

Wilmer is born on litter of 12 puppies, 7 boys and 5 girls. All puppies have ridged, 10 standard puppies, one boy with extra crown and one boy with kinked tail. 


81685029-IlloV.jpgWilmer mum is Juliagårdens Amarula Cream, Visa. Visa is friendly  female with big personality. Visa is bigger size female, with lovely expression. Nice topline, lovely dark eyes, Nice tight paws. She had passed BPH and MT with excelent result. Visa has passed bloodtrackin test and did some nose work aswell. 


Wilmers dad is very handsome male14632819_10154683695799744_622051167457172475_n.jpgThat's Obvious Absolut Blessed, Brun. Brun is bigger male top of the size. Strong but elegant. Who has nice expression, black mask on his nose and dark eyes. He had nice long body, good angluations and excelent movements. He had good nerve strukture and sometimes he could find his self to situations which are little bit scary. 

Brun is very curious and he loves the new places. He loves to cuddle but he take his own time when he wants to go to sleep. Brun is also champion of Finland and Sweden. He is also Sweden bloodtrack champion


In this combinations is mixed RU, SE, Dutch, DK, AUS, USA And SAF bloodlines. Behind this combinations are many famous show dogs in Russia, Denmark, Australia. In this combinations information according to 8 generations pedigree has knowing 100% of relatives. Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 78.2%. Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 0.52%

In this litter I expected to get moderate or bigger size ridgeback with nice movement, good substance. Nice head with a black mask. Both parents have nice long bodies, nice angulations and nice deep and long chest. I hope I will get some nice groundcovering movements. I hope puppies will have some hunting instict and some willing to work with human. 

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to kontact. I'm happy to tell you more about this combinations. 

More informations and inquiries: Hanna Vesterinen/