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Top Show puppy in Luca Cup 2008 challenge
  awarded by Ridgeback Club of Finland











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14.15.3 Tampere International
Judge: Boris Baich, SLO
Placed: Jun EXC1, BM4, Res-CAC
Good size. Strong bones. A bit heavy head, correct bite. Good pigmentations. Well devoleped body. Correct topline. Too narrow chest-elbows too tight. Good movement.








11.4. Lappeenranta international
Judge: Agnes Ganami Kertes, Israel
Placed: Jun VG2
Over size dog of excellent outline. Good strong bones. Shows harmoni i standing and movement. Excellent head. Well built body. Good forechest. Excellent hindquaters. Long ridge. Crows are not clear. Good pigmentation of coat.







19.4. Jämsä Group
Judge: Tapani Pukkila, Fin
Placed: Jun VG-1
Critique: 11 month big junior. Slightly heavy head. Slightly loose skin on neck. Right line still growing framework. Good angulations. A little bit white on the chest. Straight moves still soft. Character good.









16.5. Varkaus National
Judge: Ligita Zake
Placed: Jun EXE2, BM3, Res-CAC
Critique: Strong masculine male, correct type, strong head, correct topline, good volume of body, ridge long enough. Correctly angulated. A bit loose in movements, needs time to mature. Nice temperament.





23.5. Juuka Group
Judge: Harto Stokmari
Placed: Jun EXE-1, BM-1, CAC, ROP
Critique: Masculine male, Right line. Good head and bite. Good neck and body. Ridge ok. Good libs, excellent angulated. Excellent temperament. Moves effortless moves.





24.5.  Helsinki International Aptus Show
Judge: Petr Rehanek, CZ
Placed: Jun VG-3
Critique: 1 years old, high, heavy head. Scissors bite. Dark braun eyes. Open lips. Chest wide and deep. Straight back. Good angulations. Moves elbows too open and open paws. Typical ridge and colour. 





6.6. Tallinn "Winner 2009" international
Judge: John Wauben, NL
Placed: Jun VG-3
13 month. Very high and massive masculine type. would prefer less massive. Good in all proportions well balanced. Nice head and good expression. Good chest and topline. Ridge ok and good grows. Well angulations. Nice temperament. Good movements.







13.6.  Riga International
Judge: Andrzej Mania, PL


 14.6. Riga International
Sigrid Järmer, AUS
Placed: Jun VG-4
Big size male, elegant head, excellent pigmentation, strong neck. Correckt ?. Deep chest, strong bones. Excellent topline, correckt hinderquaters, while moving topline should be moro ?. Very friendly temperament.


 4.7. Tuusula National
Judy Harrington, USA
Placed: Jun EXC-1, BM-2, CAC
Critique: Excellent size and substance. Correct head and head proportions and eyes. Strong movement. Correct bones.


5.7. Hyvinkää National
Riitta Lahtovaara, FIN
Placed: Jun VG-1
Critique: Sizeable, excellent breed type and right proportion.Good masculine male. Suitable substance male. Handsome head, good ears. Excellent topline. Straihgt upperarms. Correct hinderquater and wide back. Correct quality in fur. Good ridge. Long powerful movements. Temperament ok. Size too much of excellent outline. :)




18.7. Pöytyä Group
Esko Nummijärvi, FIN
Placed: Jun ECX-1, BM-2, res-CAC
Critique: Excellen breedtype, sizeable male. Nice head. Long, good neck. Good back, excellent pelvis. Good chest and  strong bones. Good ridge.







26.7. Mikkeli International
Ricky Lochs-Romans
Placed: Jun EXC-3
Critique: 14 months. Strong boy and big size. Very nice head. Good fontface, stop and skull. Lovely earset. Good neck and topline. Beautiful angulations in front and back. Moving easy and sound.









1.8. Iisalmi International
Pekka Teini, FIN
Placed: Jun VG-2
Critique: Very big alredy over high male but handsome framework. Nice expression face. Good pigmentation. Framework not too heavy there is beatiful construction. Good angulations in front and back. Gorgeous beatiful movements. Nice ridge. Magnificent behaviour. Size drop the prize place.


12.9. Tallinna National
Martin Johansson, Sve
Placed: Interm. VG-1
critique: Nice masculine head and expression. Nice proportion and neck. Good bones and chest for age, little bit too big. Good rigge, good angulations behind. Moves well but heavy. Nice cout and temperament.

13.9. Porvoo National
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein
Interm. EXC-1
Big, good color and substans. Chest with good width. Something beautiful.... Pretty Dried neck. Beautiful topline, good ridge. Excellent tail position. Tight paws. Excellent angulation. Rib cage deep. Moves ground catch and parallel.


21.11. Jyväskylä International
Judge: Diana Jolly, Au
Placed: Interm. EXC-1
Very strong and muscular. Overall large dog. Correct head proportions and bite. Dark eyes. Well set ears. Long neck. Good pro-stermun. Well laid back shoulder. Lovely topline. Correct depth of chest and ribbing. Moderate hind quater. Correct tail set. Free and easy movement.  Correct ridge.


29.11. Turku Internationa
Ann Carlström, SE
Interm. G-3
Very big male. Masculine head, dark eyes. Well set ears. Very good neck and topline. deepht rib. Could have better hind quater. Good chest, good paws. Moves well but heavy. Heavy steps. Good ridge, coat and color. Size drop the prize place.


12.12. Helsinki International W-092009-12-12_kv_voittaja_-09_arttu_5.jpg
Judge: Svend Lövenkjaer, DK
Placed: Interm. EXC-1, BM-4, Res-CAC
Critique: Big, Very good proportion, handsome male. Excellent expression. Good conection with skull and nose. Right long neck. Substansfull body.excellent cheas and ribcage. wonderfull muscles. Excellent bones and angulations. Moves wonderfull style. Excellent color and good ridge. Beautiful dog!




13.12. Helsinki International NW-09
Stefan Sinko, SI
Placed: Interm. EXC-2
19 months old. Big, typical male with good head. Good neck and topline. Correckt angulations. Good ridge. Moves well.


19.12 Fauna Winter-2009 ST. Petersburg National
LK Popov, RU
Interm.EXC, CW, CAC, BM-1, BOB, Group-3


20.12. ST. Petersburg National, Kinolog-Profi
Catherine Saneshenko, RU
Interm. EXC, CW, CAC, BM-1, BOB, Group-1, BIS-4


20.12. ST. Petersburg National, Christmas Carnival
N.Bulelik, BY
Interm. EXC, CW, CAC, BM-1, BOB, Group-2